Ionising Typhoon Blower Driven Airknife

SIMCO's Typhoon airknives eliminate static and removes particulate from flat or contoured surfaces. Typhoon incorporates a high-velocity blower with a deep penetration airknife. This system provides a continuous stream of clean ionised air for removal of surface particulate and contamination. The Typhoon is adaptable to large halo systems used for auto and truck body cleaning prior to painting. It is also extremely suitable for smaller pre-paint cleaning systems for plastic parts and fascia. By using blowers instead of compressed air, Typhoon can reduce operational costs by 30 to 70%.

The system is constructed of extruded aluminium. This design provides flexibility and precise air volume control.'s static elimination bar EP-SH-N (or for use in hazardous zones the P-SH-N-Ex), break the electrostatic bond holding particulate to the material. The high-velocity air flow then easily removes the particulate from the product surface. Several sizes of direct-drive, low maintenance blowers are available to meet the requirements of your application.